Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"

Nice work. Gotta love Final Fantasy.

I'm just gonna say this to get it out the way, cause I will admit I am that big of a nerd when it come to Final Fantasy. Squall is my favorite Final Fantasy character and second would be Seifer, so you could guess that FF VIII is my favorite one. When Squall was fighting he had scars on both sides of his face that made a "X". What was that about? And at one time he didn't even have anything. Well, you know your a nerd when that stands out to you. Anyway, on to the good stuff. First, I have to congratulate you on the success. You deserve it. Next, I have to say I really liked the Menu screen and the way the blocks slid out and came towards the screen. Nice way to hide the easter egg too. But I won't give it away. The fight scene was great. The animation looks very good. I liked the humor you used and the voices were very realistic. Also the things you made characters say was great. You were able to make light of some characters, but still were able to keep them true to their nature. Which, I imagine was even harder for 7 and 8 characters, since we never have heard them speak. Well, I know your tired of the praises. But, thank you for the great flash and I'm looking forward to your next project. Until then, take care.

Toonimated responds:

Watch FF: Mixed in Balamb (episode 1) and all your questions will be answered :)

That was frigen great

That was great my favorite part was when Sephiroth went Phsyco and yelled "THATS IT!!! YOU HAVE TRIED THE REMAINING PATIENTS I HAVE LEFT.... SUPER NOVA!!!" my second favorite sean is when Sephiroth says "What the Fuck! It was ash!"

the only problem was the sound sometimes got really quiet or was almost none existant but that was nothing to me the quality of the reast of the movie saved this from the sound.

BTW i always woundered Exactly what happened to Krypton. lol.


that movie was awesome!! you should start making full lenth movies to sell on vhs/dvd!!! but... where is tidus? ; )


My favorate part was the look on Sephiroth's look on his face when he was like "What the fuck? It was Ash?!" LOL That was gold
5/5 for you my friend


Wheres tidus & yuna

Toonimated responds:

There's definitely NO Tidus in this movie