Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"


well done, and kept at least somewhat to the original...like how u included a secret.....Tidus is in the Bikenel Island, desert if u didnt know....funny~~~next time, could u somehow put in more ffx characters, its the only one, other then christal chronicals and tactics advance i played, new addict u could say.....

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Absolutly brilliant, tho ash should have been chopped into more pieces, and where was pikachu? he should have been chopped with him.


LMAO Now I know what happened to Tidus man it was a great flash super better than the last keep the good work and keep making Sephiroth cooler :p.

great wonderful

my favortie part was the supernova, but one thing (ok two)has always annoyed me about that attack. #1 sense it just destoryed like a least 5 planet why does it not destroy earth and kill everything and #2 how come that attack never killed anyone of my chars in ff7 really it just destory planets! a human is like a pea to a planet.

(^_^) Good movie

Great job, really loved it all the way through. Didn't expect the voice acting to be superb, but still thought it was fine. Liked the animation and of course the FF characters, plus it was so amusing. ^_^ Can't wait to see more~!