Reviews for "Andromeda .:SB:."

As you said

It's hard to describe your song.
It's rather odd but in a good way.
It had some nice instrumental pieces.
But there still something you can do.
I think this would fit fine in a game.

Gorgorothx responds:


Andromeda .:SB:

Great drums/beats_again
If youre worried about the other instruments, well, don't they sound good. You could maybe consider a more melodic bassline to support the beat, esp the 1st part of the track. Good work !

Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks Toko. Your input means alot to me, and I'll def. try for a more melodic bassline now. Cheers ;)


Not nearly as odd as you think, I'd actually say not odd at all. It's just a nice song. the fact that it switches up isn't bad, it's just tough to make that transition. You should focus on that for a bit, and make the ending more satisfying. Great work!

Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks for your kind words. You made me feel better for submitting this. ;) Cheers, man.