Reviews for "Andromeda .:SB:."


Dude, I love the bass in this song!


yeah ok its prity good at 1:40 it realy picked up.

Hey its foreinginsh!

I dont know it was chill rapish foreign stuff and I liked it cuz you made it and your just.

Gorgorothx responds:

heh, thanks man!

What you're missing...

This is two songs mixed one after another. :) It just doesn't have any sort of transition between the two parts, just two totally different themes. However, aside from that, both are very moody as standalones. The second's lead is also a bit noisy and somehow bugs me. These all sum up as an 8 for this, meaning that I really enjoy it. :D Thanks for sharing!

Like the beat :D

Very ambient indeed, I really liked the kicks added in there and those drum-like beat samples and stuff being sliced. I just don't really know what happened in the middle of the song, it sort of split into songs and kinda confused me a little bit, but I guess ambient songs can be very different. Overall very nice job, really liked it! Keep up the good work :D


PS: As for tips on getting your songs noticed for a flash artist, I am not really sure if I have any because no flash artist has used my work yet. But I will try and PM you any tips if I discover them in the future.


Gorgorothx responds:

heh, thanks dude! great review ;)