Reviews for "Andromeda .:SB:."

*no words*

the song is just awesome...
the first part is amazing, great effect, very out of this world, with a nice beat, i like how it evolves, the progression is nice, and

after 1:40, is kinda weird, in an interesting combination, i was kind of strange to find it out, the piano sounds like a few notes weren't were they belong, but apart from that it was nice, and calm
the noises are great, pretty great, i loves the kinda of water

wish you didn't make the change between them so hard, but it sounds like it were another song, and that's too bad, that is the only reason i didn't gave you the 10...

Gorgorothx responds:

Hey, thanks for listening and reviewing!


Havent realy got any coment for this one. :)

Gorgorothx responds:

Well thanks for stopping by anyways ;)


Idk on what you say about this song ... way different from what i normally listen to...
but it is diffenatly different...

all i know is that i like it.. but as for feedback you lost me in the song xD good job

i would put it to a flash if you got the time for it.. like i said to another guy before team up with some ppl and get it done :D

Gorgorothx responds:

For sure. Thanks for listening, Listenr ;)


I was digging it, it was smooth and spacey in the beginning, but I really liked the ending with the retro chaotic 8 bit beat. I don't have a spot for it for an animation as of now because I was thinking of making a courtroom drama( well you know, Newgrounds version of a courtroom drama) but if I do anything in between I'll be sure to use this : ()

Gorgorothx responds:

heh, cool. A courtroom drama, eh? I'd like to see that haha


I love browsing through ambient music, it's always different, but most tracks I have heard keep one rythm. This is quite zany, in a good way. The title is very fitting, the music has the feel of a space voyage. The begining suspense of leaving the planet, dreaming what it's like up there. Then the transition, the freedom from Earth, from gravity, from everything. Nicely put together.

Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks, man. That's a good analogy. Some people have also said it reminds them of underwater ;)