Reviews for "Patch-co MiniGolf!"

very nice. its new to me.

its about time somebody made something different. please make more!

Patchco responds:

Thank you. I'll make more!

Good work

Reminds me of the time i got raped up the ass, fairly long and hard but enjoyable on the hole

Patchco responds:

LMFAO.... thanks..? haha

Good Work

It's a good minigolf game but there are a few things that u could add to make it better... First, get a longer music loop cuase that thing was annoying after the 10th hole... also u might want to have more than the one par for each hole and vary them in difficulty... Apart from that, it's a great game with some clever holes. Oh yeah, and if u do make another one, have more holes with like the special stuff such as tubes and those zoomy arrow things...

Patchco responds:

lol thanks. and, will do.


I really, really liked that! I gave it 1 for violence because you can hit that ball pretty hard :p
The only thing it needed was some sort of summery screen at the end.


I`ve seen better but it was stress-relieving.
So that came in handy