Reviews for "Patch-co MiniGolf!"

Not Bad

Pretty good. Just a couple of grievances:

1. Why do you put the putter in FRONT of the ball to make it go forward... that just bugged the hell out of me for some reason....

2. Make it less leniant. Like the dude before me said, you need to have the exact speed to put it in the hole. Give a little lee-way on force.

3. Make the ball a little smaller. Insignificant detail, yes, but it might make it more realistic.

Other than those little things, pretty good game. No way in hell i could do better, so i say congrats. This should hopefully be protected.

Love the game

Just need to make it more so the ball doesn't stop so abruptly. It's very hard to make the ball go in the hole because the speed needs to be exactly right. I keep hitting it too soft and the ball barely moves...then i hit it hard enough to where it would seem the ball would go in the hole, but it would glide right over it. Nice try, just work on the physics of the game a bit more, and try to shrink down the icons/ball a bit.

Patchco responds:

Alright. Will do, for version 2 or something. Thanks.

very nice. its new to me.

its about time somebody made something different. please make more!

Patchco responds:

Thank you. I'll make more!

Fun Game

I played around till hole 12 before I decided to do something else. Pretty fun game, though it bugs me when a slow ball goes directly over the whole and doesn't drop in. I'm not a flash expert, but is there anyway you could make a slow shot that hits the hole drop in the hole? Also, it seemed there was like an invisible wall or something on I think hole 7. Anyway pretty good game.


Patchco responds:

Thank you. I'll try to fix those.

Meh, ok

I didn't think it was as good as some of the other mini-golf games already out there.
I think you just needed some work on the power/strength bar.