Reviews for "Patch-co MiniGolf!"


Don't steal stuff and claim that you made it, asswipe. And don't claim that you "just recently learned how to perform trigonometry with actionscripting" when all you did was use the flashsite's game. They were the ones who worked hard on it, and you take the credit? Anyone who needs more proof, read bender_homer's review.

Patchco responds:

what the fuck? you're an idiot and obviously know nothing about flash.


very nice dude. Some sweet scripting you've got going on.

On hole 7, you havnt got shapeflag on for the angled piece of wood, either that or you havnt programmed angles.

either way, its a nice little game

great work.

Regular run of the mill golf game

Nothing special here, overrated IMO with the current 3.60 rating but oh well

classic mini golf.

pretty decent, but it could have used some little touch ups. i was a bit annoyed that most of the holes were par 3, i really think you should have mixed it up alittle bit by adding par 2's, 4's and 5's.
also, the holes in general were good, but you should have added some different obstacles like water and the sort. but overall it was fun to play.

Patchco responds:


haha, you review all of my stuff. =)

A bit finicky, but good

Yeah. It's a bit tempramental at times to balance the power. But it's all there to make a good game. You can line up a shot whilst the ball's in motion, and that's a major bug.

Great result, and the music's nice. What is it?

Patchco responds:

heh, thanks man. Not sure what the music is called, It's from the SoundLoops in flashkit