Reviews for "Patch-co MiniGolf!"

stfu and go to hell i hate your game

im sad cus its frusterating... prolly a good game without my "i hate this game" mask on. but i got frusterated and started randomly hitting the ball around

6 fot the actual game -1 for you

The actual game would be good for a beginner like me, i can see myself learning on it. but to steal a helpful resource made by great people so us idiots can learn how to use flash properly is just downright low. they make their tutorials so we can learn from them not steal them. so next time submit your own work.

Patchco responds:

Hmm... a) didn't steal it
b) if I had "learned" from it, it would come out the same. would it not?
c) your an idiot


I really, really liked that! I gave it 1 for violence because you can hit that ball pretty hard :p
The only thing it needed was some sort of summery screen at the end.


wth dude, u cant steal and call this your work! This was taken from flashkit. com. This is the lowest of lows, u should be sued

thats wrong man

its a good game yes, but uve obvioulsy just tweaked some1 else flash and put ur name to it, ty bender homer for pointing that out