Reviews for "Patch-co MiniGolf!"


It was ok. Whenever i'm waitin for a d/l to finish or somethin to get this is the game to play. A great time waster but that's basically all it is. I thought you might have an in depth game but you didnt just a time waster game. But their's nothing wrong wit dat though. 2 thumbz up t('.'t). Pretty original by da way.

Viloence 1 to the ball.

Nice, but

On the level with the rotated wall, the game counts it as a square and it is confusing. I know it's hard to fix this, so for now, just make it look like a square.

Good, but needs more work

This game is a good timekiller, but it's a pity it's got some frustrating 'errors' in the acceleration and slowing down of the ball. It feels like you're playing on ooze rather than grass. Well I'm sure others havea lready mentioned this so good luck, keep em comin!

Pretty good

That was over-all a good game, but you should remake it, spice up the graphics and the holes- maybe some different looking grass. Also the ball didn't roll as long as I think it should have, but maybe thats just me.
All in all it was fun though. Remake it and I wouldnt be surprised if it hit front page.


Somthing new but its quite boring after a certain time ...