Reviews for "Patch-co MiniGolf!"

O.k I guess.

It wasn't a bad game yet it wasn't a game that would make me want to play it again.
The graphics wern't all that special I woulod say boring and rushed if anything. You could have added some better looking obstacles. The music was very annoying and looped poorley. You should include an option which allows you to turn the music off. Then again I could have turned my sound down as there was no sound effects in the game.
I also noticed that you can hit the ball while it is still moving, is that a glitch? Or did you want that to happen as a sort of cheat maybe?

I think you have a good base to work from so why don't you start working on it to make it better?

Well done anyway.


However, you gotta fix the physics; I can hit the ball while it's still moving


the most terrible game of mini golf i have EVER played!!!christmas minigolf is better than this game,and the fact that the club doesent really hit the ball is......i dont hink ill have enough characters to discribe this game!


First of all, yes, this was "stolen" from www . flashkit . com/movies/Games/Other/Golf-Jeff_Gib-8782/index.php . However, the author intended the game to be modified by someone else, so it wasn't stealing, per se. You should have given credit to the original author, though. Apart from that, this was a very entertaining game for a while. The physics was pretty good for the most part, but there were still a few glitches/things that could be improved upon.

1. The glitch with the ball. You can hit it while it is travelling. I know a lot of people have said this already, but it is still one of the biggest glitches. If you click anywhere on the screen by mistake, while the ball is travelling, it flies off in another direction.
2. Mathematical glitches. If you have two parallel rectangles fairly close to each other, and the ball is in between them, a glitch can occur. Aim the ball at a shallow angle (almost perpendicular to the surrounding rectangles). It will bounce a few times, then suddenly reverse direction. This became fairly annoying after a while.
3. The graphics. The only thing that you changed from the FlashKit version was the graphics, and you could have done a better job. Not anything extravagant, just a bit better. Maybe not using Flash and drawing things yourself for the obstacles.
4. The menu. It's not very important, but it's the first thing people see. Maybe you could add an instructions button, options button (where you can have a music on/off button, etc.), etc. Maybe setting the grass in the background to a lower alpha, because there is a lot of contrast.
5. Make more and different obstacles. The zoomy things were fun, but there were to few. You can make windmill-like obstacles that rotate, and you have to shoot the ball at exactly the right time for it to pass.
6. In level 8 (I think), there is a small rectangle at a 45 degree angle. However, the game counts it as if it were straight up, so if you try to hit the ball over the top, it hits an invisible barrier and bounces back, which is annoying.
7. More levels. Make two seperate courses, add more levels. The only thing that you added from the FlashKit version were the levels. You might as well add more.

Anyway, good game. Not great, but good. 3/5.

another mini golf game

the only thing that is kinda different to the others mini golf,is that u can hit the ball when its moving, so its kinda (little little) cool.