Reviews for "Say Cheese!"


I really have to say, that was really well done! High Five!


Anyway, on to the review. The whole thing was great. The 3-D was to a crisp (reminds me of Pixar short), the sound was top notch for me, and the Humor was great. I practically grew up on stuff like this. Very great!

wow !!!

if you really make this , your my hero ! really really good detail and a great aniamtion ! bravo !!

absolutely amazing!

the graphics of this movie... incredible. absolutely amazing. i.. i'm speechless. haha

Reminded me of...

The little dreamworks movies that come before some of their flicks. Like the old guy playing chess..and the birds...etc. GREAT work. I'm glad it was submitted. It certainly did rock my face off. Kudos


Reminded me of the movie "ice age"
Gorgeous Work.