Reviews for "Say Cheese!"


those were some damn good graphics! jeasus tap danceing christ man. there was no way that could have been done in 3dsMax....unlesss there is some newer version of it. good job


Nice graphics, and I liked the piano music. The supspense music was put to good use. I actually felt panic rush through me when the mouse couldn't move! Nice work, and I hope to see future submissions.

That is a psycho lookin' mouse...

Dude...the animation on this was the shit! The belch scene was just nasty when it was coming up the mouses' throat..ack! But *WAY* cool. Tell your friend to make more shorts. Especially if they're all this quality level.


Hey great job! This was really funny and of course the grafics were amazing! I saw the cat in a maya tutorial on some other site a long time ago. I'm guessing you probably made that too. It was cool to see the cat animated. I'm glad you put it on newgrounds!


Welcome to newgrounds! REALLY looking foreward to your future submissions.