Reviews for "Say Cheese!"

Well done..

Like you have seen befor Since it was not a Flash i cant give ya a full 10 but you have a great skill keep up your work hope to see more someday.

Nice graphics!

That's about it.

One fat rat.

An excellent computer-animated short, with high quality animation and story. It's similar in style and quality to the shorts that Pixar shows before their feature movies. My only complaint is that Flash and Newgrounds is not the best format for Quicktime-style movies. That aside, very entertaining!

Not Flash, but still great

That's really the only thing preventing me from giving it a 10. It is a very nice movie, but there is a reason Newgrounds only accepts swf in the first place ;)

Anyways, superbly made, and completely different from the norm of the rest of the things on Newgrounds. That mouse looks pretty gross when it's fat though.


short, but it's so awesomely cute!! >^:^< i like the tune too, it went very well with the atmosphere.