Reviews for "Necromancy (drum n' bass)"

Awesomeness is everywhere, this is some of it!

So well written and put together, everything goes, although i didn't get an undead feel from it :P more of an alien invasion tbh, anyway, that's just me, nice job!.

Awesome song, one question

Have you ever played C&C Red Alert 2? Because 1:46 starts to sound a lot like a song from that game, just curios.

Massive is right.

I.. wuh.. good lord man, this track is enormous!

I am ridiculously picky with DnB.. I want to love the genre but find too many tracks with good beats but are too repetitive and lacking in strong, heavy lead synth work and progression for my taste.

This here simply blows me away. It nails absolutely everything I want to hear, and I'm left with no choice but to check out your new CD. :)

A ten only for Soldat :D

I guessed it right?:D Anyways nice rework! :D

The fact that I never knew this song was on Pump It Up....til I started playing it...