Reviews for "Necromancy (drum n' bass)"


HI Im THE DARK KING the music I just heard was really good, keep making good music.

ehh its ok it kinda sounds like it belongs in a pokemon game or somthing along those lines


Sounds like Sounds like a "Michael Myers Vs. Lawnmowerman" type them that would fit well in a mini boss part of a video game. No offense but I love video games and the most recent I played was over three years ago.

Good, but not really....

Ok, so first of all i want to say that i normally don't listen to this kind of music, but i do know enough to tell a good song from a bad song. this, is partially fantastic, but there were parts that were a little.... well, misfitting, i would say. For an example, at maybe 01:24 were that indian guitar thingy kicked in, it really broke the feeling of greatness and replaced it with "wtf? oh well, it'll soon be over." (And at least to me this occured multiple times throughout the song.) Anyways, maybe you should either make it longer, wich gives more place to work out the weird parts, or make it just a tad more repetive after all...

Sure, keeping things fresh and being creative are great things, but sometimes things could get outta hand and when they do things might just turn out real bad.

Anyways, keep making stuff and eventually you'll be not just A master, but THE master ;P

zirconmusic responds:

Thanks for the review! As I wrote in an earlier response, this whole CD was supposed to be short and to the point rather than made for a DJ mix, since the goal was media licensing. I'm also a big fan of ethnic sounds which is why I added the Middle-Eastern saz instrument - it's not traditional and people don't expect it. I expected some people wouldn't like it either, but that's cool :)

I hate pendulum

In terms of quality and composition, this is quite good.
However, the whole synth melody isn't good. Synth in drum and bass is like squeesing tomato ketchup onto a sirloin steak. It's just not right. It's mixing cheesy electro with a jungle beat and calling it drum and bass. If you're going to make jungle songs in the future don't start using these silly pendulum-style synth tracks to attract these annoying scene kids who think they know what drum and bass is. That will be all.

zirconmusic responds:

Thanks for the comments. However I don't really care about "scene kids" or any other nonsense like that. I just write music that I think is fun to listen to, labels don't matter to me. I think you read too much into this.