Reviews for "Necromancy (drum n' bass)"

Good, but really!

This is one of the best drum N bass tracks I've ever heard. I really like the Middle-Eastern instrument and think it fits well. I don't see why MemorableXander has a problem with it.

Just Terrible

Couldn't stand listening to it, even after I ejaculated to it


It sounds good. Erm.. yeah.. that.. was it.
Si ja.. erm.. noez.. see ya.

LOL at 1:35 that was nice

Yeah, That melody sounded so familiar, then I realize it was similar to sonic boss theme (dont remember which game) on Genesis. Pretty nice

In agreement with LL4M4r0x1

The fact that the tune changes instead of repeats makes this a great piece. I get the feel of dead marches and other necrotic things. Fantastic work!