Reviews for "IRFlash-Intro"

Not a bad intro indeed!

although... I dunno if you post something like that... actually have a movie follow it ;)

I'm not exactly sure how to rate it.... because... nothing really happens... so that lowers your overall score.


The graphics were great but ... what's the point?

Is it just an introduction for you flash group? If it's so, first, I'd like to say it's a kind of waste of time to submit it on the portal ... second, it's way to long for an introduction, don't use it the way it is now in your flashes or it will get annoying very quickly.

And instead of making introductions, why don't you make complete flash animations? I'd be pleased to see something from you, if you can make something long enough for us to enjoy it ...

TheKurodaVagrant responds:

It's a website intro, not a flash movie intro. I have a far simpler and shorter movie intro.

I am making complete flash animations, but they are still unfinished. Namely the first episode of my upcoming series. Stay tuned for that one!


Cool. Just awesome. The lost of one score for Graphic is that you missed the sides of the flash. Fix it. Othervise, awesome. I just sayed; "OOOOH!" when i saw it.

Keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson

TheKurodaVagrant responds:

Oh crap, I just realized I put the wrong dimensions in for the movie. Now it's fixed. Thanks for catching that! ;)

It's a good intro

You should update your NG profile to link to your site, though. Good work!