Reviews for "IRFlash-Intro"

Very good

the art is really good though those grey side bars aren't just right hehehe fix that if you wish ;)

TheKurodaVagrant responds:


I Like It!

Very very nice, but do something for those gray bars at the sides.

TheKurodaVagrant responds:

As I said before, they're gone now.

You should make more movies.

This was well done and the animation was pretty good. You should make something with a story line.

Very well drawn...

I liked the drawing and the animation was alright, but it didn't really show what the movie would be about. Should have just waited until you were done the movie and released the intro with the movie at the same times :P

TheKurodaVagrant responds:

This wasn't actually intended to be a whole movie, just an intro for my yet-to-be-completed website.

Cool intro!

Thats pretty good for an site into. I liked it.