Reviews for "The Media"


LOL president bush declares war on mars and yes the media is like that sometimes those basterds

lol pretty good

of corse i do who dosn't. lol its wasn't bad it made laugh

very good work

this peice was very good, certainly something to be proud of. your animation and sound were excellent. however i would like to offer one suggestion on the comedy. Have you ever seen Red vs. Blue? well in the first couple episodes they swore and went for every dick and fart joke they could and it was funny, however they soon realized how quickly that brand of humor gets old. so instead of trying to find more and more lude things to talk about they let the natural humor of their work come out, much like i feel you could have done with this peice. it seems you are very talented and if you would realize that cuss words should only be used to highten the experience rather than be the substance this peice would have been way funnier. so my suggestion, you are funny, just relax and don't force teh humor it'll come on it's own. good job.


Gotta love the motion tweened crap with shitty sounds.


well...i thought the boss was a little too abusive, but the way he changed it was great, i was thinking in the first interview WTF? taboo? wats playing a game got to do with taboo???? and the whole "suck me now bitck" thing was a little weird too.
but good work.