Reviews for "The Media"

this rocked

this is one of the best things i have ever watched!!! its sssssssooooooooo funny!!!

Nice work!

It's funny because it's true! Anybody who thinks the media doesn't do stuff like this is only kidding themselves! I loved it, great film!


So the reporter just gets away with that? Not only did the reporter deliberately take everything out of context, thats bad enough. He also published the guys name and address. Thats not just unethical, its criminal to endanger someones life like that. Stuff like that is against FCC regulations. And the reporter suffered no repercussions? Making someone suffer needlessly for the sake of the story is reprehensible at best. This story seemed cut off in the middle.

At least try Redeem yourselves by showing the jerks at the station get their just desserts in a sequel. Of course I doubt you will and Ill also get mocked andshouted down by some rabid fan. But thats the price you pay for standing up for whats right.

That was classic!

I never get bored of the classics. Awesome job with your sick sense of humor. You sick freak!


Nothing that everybody didn't know already.