Reviews for "The Media"


"get ur heads out of ur vaginas..." man that had me crackn up!
that was so fucked up with that reporter. cool song at the end too, i remember listening to it when i played tony hawks pro skater.

I'm with the other nipples; NEEDS IMPROVEMENT!!!

the flow was too slow. I almost closed the window as I didnt wanna watch it anymore. But i stuck it out till the end. That axe spoof & the concept of this movie are the only things i liked

funny but blank

i found it entertaining for a bit but that was it, yea the sound was good but the rest was crappy it needed more work

You really scripted this?

If you did so, you didn't do a very good: it was lame and seemed unfinished. It just felt 80% done! Anyway the backgrounds sucked, but the voice acting was good. But in the end it wasn't funny, nor finished.

BTW I'm not religious. God didn't help me.

lol funny movie

i dont know what the hell shatners beef was... he acted as though this really happened. well hilarious movie and even though it was a rip off of the simpsons gag, it still brought back good memories and created new ones.