Reviews for "The Media"

Oh you can't post names and addresses

What are you a fucking dumbass? Everyone on the planet knows you can't post addresses of people like that endangering their lives.

^^^every bad review almost says that^^^
Well, if everyone on the planet knows it, it must be a joke. Also everyone on the planet knows that giant chickens don't get in fights with fat Rhode Island men in real life. Its a joke. You dumbshits. I'm standing up for what's right. According to that guy's profile, he's 34. Yet he doesn't know a joke. fucking dumbass no common sense. Yes I'm a rabid fan shouting it down cause not only do you not get a joke you try to shout IT down and claim you're doing the right thing.

And another guy who flamed this movie said something along the lines of there was too much swearing and then the guy ends his review with YOUR FUCKING HUMOR SUCKS or something along those lines.
you swear too much. fuck you. fucking fuck fuck swearing.

Good Stuff

This video was uber-great. The graphics were sweet, the voices were clear, film was funny. I can't believe she called him a cockssmith. Freaken hilarious stuff.

Good Job

True, True, Smuffy Blue.

Yeah the media fibs a lot, but 90% of the time, they tell it like it is. FUCK em ALL!!!

Got that right as well!

The media changes everything to fit the bill. No one is safe! Hide your children!!! IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!!!

fucking awesome rigth helldog _

this beats the crap outta all the other comedy flashes