Reviews for "The Media"

Jesus Tap-Dancin Christ

Anyone who thinks South Park invented that phrase needs to rent Blues Brothers.

Good stuff man!

its funny and true

it just gose to show you only believe 1/3 of what you here on the news or any other kind of show


tjat was a damn good flash, overall it was really funny, the swearing was good lol and turning a gamer into a rappest is pretty creative just like da media, good work n keep it up

Hell yeah

Great and truthful movie man,
and i love the credits song from THPS1


This is another great game, Afro_man. There is so much to do in this game, and it's really addictive. Good work. There are, however, a few clitches that you probably know about. Every once in a while it pauses up.

Keep up the good work.