Reviews for "Storybook 2: gel"

ofg lol

it was goog


I've got to say, after the last one and you being bombarded with the reviews that shall remain nameless, I enjoyed this one. The ending joke suprised me and I thought it was awesome. The blood effects were awesome when you got stabbed with the foozeball table and the "gel in the wall" thing was very clever.

ha ha humperdink

loves the foosball - it was funny dude


that was funny as hell. good job please make more

I really like your work

You continually try to create new and different types of pieces and i really appreciate it. I think this series is especially interesting. It takes a lot of guts to expose your personal life to an online community that tends to be a little crude.

Yet your humour and design will always overcome the odds it seems

I hope to see more Storybook episodes in the future.