Reviews for "Storybook 2: gel"

haha excelent peice!

Very unique flash for Newgrounds. Good photoshopping and such, I really like the secrets you hid threwout the movie, my favorite is where you click on Gel's butt and it farts....but then you click on his face and it makes the same sound ROFL. This is very funny don't let any of those other people bring you down.



it was ok

In the wole movie you can see things like at the end click on the girl you will find more thing in the movie good luck hunding

This made me cough alot...

...since whenever I laugh I cough (I have a small cold, or a dinosaur in my throat; the doctor said I have a bronto something or other).
At first I thought you guys just lived in Looney Toons Land (more commonloy known as the LTL) until I read the reviews and realized you used photoshop, and my mom told me that I made up Looney Toons Land... Anyways, it's always funny to see people make fun of this, without even realizing that he photoshopped the pictures, which in turn complements Dustball.
I think it was a very good choice to conceal your wife in this one, for the last time you included her without the snow gear all of the fat, lowly, perverts crawled out from under their mothers to hit on her the only way they know how to, through a website. I also think it's great that you actually care about your fans or other people that post reviews. I have never seen an author make so many replies as you. Actually I think that's one of the reasons people would hit on your wife in the first one, just to get one of the famous Dustball brand reviews.

Dustball responds:

Thanks! Sorry about the cough. I love reading and responding to reviews because it makes all the time I spent working on a movie feel worthwhile. I always want to say thank you to everyone who has something nice to say, but that would just get repetitive. Sadly, that means I usually just repsond to negative reviews and morons, but I appreciate ALL the reviews and reviewers!

sorry, it just wasn't funny at all, to me.

the picture was clear and so was the sound, but i didn't find it funny at all. sorry.

Pretty good

I liked the whole thing, i just wish it was longer.