Reviews for "Storybook 2: gel"

Not as funny as #1.

The photoshop work was really brilliant here, from the strangulation, to the various injuries and attacks.

The various easter eggs were interesting, but don't add as much as the effort may have been to make them (if you follow my meaning).

Still, it never hurts.

I found the way you dealt with folk saying Priscilla is 'hot' rather amusing. I would say 'I'm not surprised, with all those clothes! And it looks nice outside too!' but then I'd be being cheesy.

Oh, I just did anyway. Whoops.

Seriously though, this just seemed to derive amusement from the various ludicrous attacks and random violence, whereas I just preferred the original's light-hearted humour, the fact that the audio taken in isolation seemed so innocent and the favt that it was actually something of a story, whereas this one just seemed an excuse to fight.

I really liked some of the sound effects though - I'm amazed by how much trouble you've gone to to include all those strums, farts and alternate pictures - and I liked the cartoony 'wink' sfx.

Still a mildly enjoyable piece taken in isolation, but I can't help but feel slightly disappointed.

However, I personally preferred the story and presentation of #1.


i'm never playing with you dustball you play too rough lol I'd rather not get thrown through a wall....

that was strange

he got stabed yet pushed the other guy through the wall

I found 34 eggs

Pretty funny, and pointless, but funny :D

heh heh

hehehehehehehehahahahahahahaehehehehe funny shit...really funny