Reviews for "Storybook 2: gel"


Great job, I loved the first one too. Btw you know that playhead that you use. That's really awesome, could you please tell me how to make one?

Dustball responds:

Thanks! I'm not sure what you're talking about though, but feel free to email me!

Yes, a good one with no animation

Hello again dustball, if you happen to remember me, this is great, just great, i mean, no animation, just a great slide show, sort of. But i have one question, can you teach me kung fu?

Dustball responds:



Im usually to lazy to right reviews now, but I had to comment on how excellent all of your work is. This, and Storybook 1, are both very well done, and comedically infused. I shun the previous reviewers who insulted this movie. Anyone with at least half a brain would enjoy this movie (and thats not saying much for the idiots who didnt like this). Bravo Dustball, keep up the great work.

god i cant belive he stabed you :)

man that was crazy gel was tierd of foseball but dustball wasnt lol make more of these storybooks, and i was just wondering why priscilla was in that huge jacket and stuff

Dustball responds:

If you read just a handful of of the reviews from Storybook #1, you'll know why!

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