Reviews for "Storybook 2: gel"

I really like your work

You continually try to create new and different types of pieces and i really appreciate it. I think this series is especially interesting. It takes a lot of guts to expose your personal life to an online community that tends to be a little crude.

Yet your humour and design will always overcome the odds it seems

I hope to see more Storybook episodes in the future.


Man dustball keep those stories up because they are so damn funny

Another good one!

I very much enjoyed the first storybook you did and this one if great too. I really liked the joke at the end about Priscilla being hot. You and gel doing kung fu was great too. Maybe for the next one you could make a different background track. This one is ok but something new would be cool. You have some nice photoshop skills. I wish I could work it as well as you. I can mostly just make abstract stuff by being a filter whore but oh well. Thanks for another submission that made me laugh and keep it up.

PS-gel's butt and head both make fart sounds haha.



Make more ;D

man i love your storybooks ;D please make more