Reviews for "Storybook 2: gel"


lmao !! this rox - you get the best score for this. roflmao - i love it! =D


The seccond one is much better then the first one, and the first one was good:)

Very nicely done!

Of course, as you say - the general concept has been done before (the ones that come to mind are the ones on emotioneric dot com, but of course, those don't have sound or easter eggs). I liked this one better than the first one. Good work.

egg hunt plug

well i did enjoy that.
i love egg hunting in flashes and started to laugh when i discovered your self promotion in the bookshelf. nice work XD
any way, it was very smart and very fun. Good stuff.


I mean, technically, this movie should be lame, boring, even stupid. But for whatever reason, the poor slideshow style is... forgotten enough to be interesting. Good going, though, I'm not sure I'd count on it being terribly popular in most reviews.