Reviews for "Storybook 2: gel"

OM freaking G

HOW did you make the head threw the wall look real? And those cool fighting moves?


slightly weird, but good.not much else to say.......PUDDING!!!


heh i love your storybooks, they make me laugh, and hah the whole thing about your wife being hott, lol, pun cause everyone said she was and cas shes wearing all the coats ahah...hah... hmm please make more dustball, they crack me up....

Better than the last.

The eastereggs were a nice touch, the one with Synj in the window kind of reminded me of that "ghost" in the window from 3 men and a baby....The music was good and the story line was pretty good too. The photoshopping was much more noticible in this one than the last, which was good.

And on another note, I don't blame you at all for hiding your wife under all of those coats and stuff after what all of the idiots said...and on the bright side a corny joke came out of it, unless I misunderstood the wink....>_>


Preety funny good job.