Reviews for "Storybook 2: gel"


and Gel shoved the microphone done his throat


hahahahaha, i loved it, my fav parts were- "Gel was tired of Foosbal, but Dustball wasnt" and "luckly, gel knew kung fu" haha, man, i love all ur movies

I'm hot

WARNING: If you haven't already seen the movie, then do not read this review, cause some lines from the movie is written down here.

Ha, this was even more fun than the first one. I really that you say "So gel shoved the microphone stand down his throat" as you woulda said "Then gel tried again", that happy voice you make no matter if they're fighting or dancing makes it a lot better than it woulda been if you had made some dramatic voice or something.
Also the manipulations are GREAT.
Priscilla saying she's hot was funny too, but not as funny for those who didn't know what she looked like and by that would know she really IS hot. I've seen the first "Storybook" you made, so I knew. Maybe she shoulda been in an earlier pic or some like that. But that's the only "bad" thing I can say about this.


i dont think i found all of the eastereggs


that WAS HALORIS.... i cant stop lagufing.