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Reviews for "Treasure Quest I"

it was an okay game but it was to simple!

it is an okay game but i dont think i could spend 5 hours doing the same exact thing over and over again.

nice try

the guy walks too slow, it sucks

I liked it for a bit,

I cant believe someone would get through 140 levels sure its not difficult and it auto-saves but it would sorry to say git monuntous. Oh well maybe the other verisons will add some spicy spunk to it. First-class fortuity in other ventures.


Good looking game

Unfortunitly thats about alltheres is, good looks. Spend some more time on making the game have more qualitys other than walking around opening chests with levers and avoiding enemies.

The guy walked a bit to slowly too which made it a bit boreing, and you need to work on the scripting more. I mean whats the point of 2 levers when thers 1 chest? or 3 levers when you can only move one, or best of all why does moving one lever cause all to activate?

The levels weren't all that great either. I didn't play very far (like level 5 or 6, I just got to bored with it), and I noteced 2 levels were exactly the same.

Fix things like that, and add a bit more and you should be good. Oh and Tutorials should actually show you how to play, not just be like a regualr level.

Good try anyway.

You can certainly do better though. The character's movements are far too slow, and the levels are slightly repetitive. Add more variety to levels and pick up the pace a bit, and you may have a good game on your hands.