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Reviews for "Treasure Quest I"


The gameplay was painfully slow. If the varibles were properly outweighed it wouldn't have been a bad game. It reminds me of a few old c64 games in a way. I think you need to try your own original material.

Hell yeah!

This game was great! Excellent job keeling me entertained with so many levels, and the background music was fun to listen to. I would, however, suggest that you make the person walk a bit faster, because damn if those first few levels didn't get a little bit boring when trying to walk to the opposite end of the map...

Anyway, awesome job! You rock!

pretty, but boooooooring!

The visuals were nice. The sprites were at good resolution, somewhat better than I'm used to. But pretty sprites do not a good game make. I don't know if this is supposed to be some kind of puzzle game, because it's not an action game, it's not a platformer, it's not a shooter, or... anything else I can think of. But there's no puzzles. You move the character towards a switch, toggle it, then go get the treasure. There's no blocks to move in some creative pattern to clear a way towards the switch or anything like that. The "enemies" move just about as slowly as you do, which is just a tad slower than a retarded snail. There's absolutely no difficulty in avoiding them. Additionally, the music is incredibly repetitive, and there's no way to change it during the game or even turn it off! Even if there was some kind of actual puzzle, some actual *gameplay*, I wouldn't want to play this because everything is just too aggravatingly boring to make it worthwhile.

O...k Here we go again

Quit after first level. This remindz me of that other review I just got through doin for another game of how scorez are really high on pretty boring gamez...and I know i'm not the only one who thinkz so. That guyz does look a lil like the dude from rpgmaker...hmmmmm. No thumbz up


That looks suspiciously like the guy from rpgmaker.