Reviews for "Richard Harris"


A worthy tribute to a truly great man. *sob* Great work *sniffle*

Chrispington responds:

Thanks forsterbar!!

- Chrispington & -idle-

Hey I know that song!

Jurassic Park is scary in the dark!
All the Dinosaurs are running wild!

Oops... that wasnt weird al singing =/ Anyway... crapy flash. If you are going to do a memorial to someone, at least honor em with something better than this poor excuse for a flash. And how the heck would this make you laugh? You were right, it did make me cry... I couldnt believe I just waisted all that time watching it!

I'm very sorry your grandpa died.

If you're into dried up, wheezing, second rate, drug addicted, grey haired old geezers then how's George Carlin as a replacement sound? Or Ian McKellen? Or Charlton Heston? Or how about Nicole Kidman?

Chrispington responds:

I find your review offensive, an take great offense! My offendedness is in itself an offence! Were is slightly more offended, I would insult you in return, offending you, the offender!

I never have anything worthwhile put on this line

I suppose I would be the the one influenced by the work without realizing it. The lyrics are familiar, though I was never able to name them.

The effort really proves that you care -- well met.

Chrispington responds:

Somebody has to care. The man was a screen legend.


a really great tribute

awesome job making this. i didn't know too much about the man, just from harry potter. it was shocking to see all the movies listed that he was in. really good tribute, great music, great pictures, great job!!