Reviews for "~ Midnight-Rave ~"

lol Awesome

I like this song, I currently listen to the Bonker Albums for this kind of music, other than that a great song to listen to ^^

Catstuffer responds:

Thanks, it's probably my fav... I was pleased with the results.

I know u dont like the squeeky beep sound... but I did throw it in there for a few second lol

great song!

very nice the short note rests in there kept it very interesting. great song overall. defiently a keeper

Catstuffer responds:

Thanks, thats my favourtie style, 16th notes crammed together at 160-180 bmp.

Thanks for reviewing!

Midnight Rave


Catstuffer responds:

sonkei? Can I get a translation?

lol, thanks for the review!

This is not a quote

around 0:49, I really like that part. Some with 1:09. However, I like most songs that start off as fast as they end. Songs with buildup aren't really my style.

Catstuffer responds:

no build up?!?! aaah, you need a buildup!

Well, thanks for the review anyhow... But buildups are essential!


do u use any programs liek fl studio? or do you use actual equipment? i love techno and gonna start making it soon and i didnt rele like fl studio :/ any tips for making songs?

Catstuffer responds:

I use FL studio, But I really don't make songs like this anymore, This song is close to 2 years old now. My style has changed and so has my "sounds"

Yes, I use Fl studio, but would like to explore other options sometime. FL Studio is great! But I hear I could do a little tweaking with some other programs.

Tips: Experiment! If you don't liek how a tune is going, just restart, or put it away and come back later. Don't give up if Newgrounders give you poor reviews or vote your stuff down, not everyone will like your song, It is impossible to please EVERYONE! Try to fidn your "groove" and expand from there! Hoep that helps!