Reviews for "Airman Farts on Heatman"

you are very rare.

i hope you get crunk as fuqqqqs with your well earned ligours and draw many a awesome shits once more. The beauty of your arts is matched only by the beauty of the mental image one can ascertain by imagining dead succubi lying in the streets while men get blow jobs from real woman, all on labor day.

What's leaking from that green pipe?
Hopes? Dreams?

Wow I expected this to be like a lot more grotesque like you're other work

Butt hell dude this is one entertaining photo of Airman farting on Heat Man. I'm amused :3

Awesome piece dude, it's always good to see when a comical piece of art is done to this high standard. I'm particularly impressed with the shading which is perfect and to a great detail for a cartoony piece.

In short I love it, it's one of the best pieces I've seen this year. I have to ask though what does it say at the bottom left corner? Is it two names? I'm not very good with language.

Anyway, great job. Keep it up.

Catoblepas responds:

Roughly translated: 'Food & drinks'