Reviews for "Rig, MRage, DS555 - Authority"

Nice work!

I really liked the intro, kind of calm and yet... well... awesome! (Lamest comment ever. I know.) Then it continues with a little silence and starts hammering out a wicked solo! :D Even though this was made a year ago, two of the best musicians on Newgrounds were still still owning it up in those days! Keep it up!


Dis da shit!

But I are in this as well. :(

Don't forget the provider of metally metal guitars! ;(

Hopefully Rage will send me something soon, I would really like to work on this one again. Never really heard this one before to be honest but it was nice surprise! :D


I love this, it is just so epic, brings me back to the days when I listened to Kamelot, except this isn't corny.

ok, the intro instrument that is high, I am guessing it is supposed to have that squaky pitch shange, but it slightly bothers me, I belive you could find a better replacement instrument for that, seeing as it only plays 10 notes.
at 0:35, the volume fade with the blip effect happens too fast, it should just get silent just before the other part comes in, and it should be a S curve instead of a J.

at 1:16, the slowish breakdown start happening, and personally, I believe thios is too early for that to happen with such an epic song such as this. It needs to have at least 4 more bars of guitars and strings, then go into a breakdown.

C'mon, change that part, and you guys could pull off something better at that part, then you could actually keep doing with the song, you are 2 of the best audio artists on newgrounds!

also, the open high hat sounds silly, and sounds like it is from the set of dance drums in FL library

AWESOME SONG; keep it up

Rig responds:

Thanks for the long review!

Keep in mind that this was the first-of-the-first draft put together a year ago, when we were both still n00bing around. Maestro had just made that thing for fun, and I had added drums unannounced. So yeah, later versions were much more polished, but I can't find my copies :C

That S curve is in the later versions, I know that. I don't know what you mean by "intro instrument that is high"...guitar? Anyways, the intro should be longer, I agree.

The open high hat IS from FL, as this was put together at a time when the FL drums were the only drum samples I had ;P

Thanks for the encouragement!


This is truly epic, you and Maestrorage can work wonders together.

Oh, boss i have'nt ben on to comment you

this sounds like Duke Nukem good!
keep up the work.