Reviews for "Rig, MRage, DS555 - Authority"

real nice!

Love it! at this level of epicness...
it has to be a metallica length song. 5 min at least. just a suggestion.
but that would be really cool! i think this would have gone well with a castle crasher type game... or castle crashers...
I'll be waiting for the rest!

nice job indeed!

this is awesome dude, u need to all get together and finish it up!

Epic sword fight, anyone?

One problem, even though the guitar is good, the mastering makes it consume the rest of the track, and that makes it sound unbalanced. However, the guitar works very well into it (just a bit to much volume on it), the chorus is right on beat, the beat is hard, and the use of ambient sounds is pure epic. Keep it up!


Almost sounds like something you'd hear on Castle Crashers.
Too much guitar though.
Still. Great job. *Saves* =D


This is beyond epic!! nice nice nice nice!!!

The choir puts this one over the top for me...d/l'd & fiver'd