Reviews for "Rig, MRage, DS555 - Authority"


thats bad ass finish it soon so u can unleash the full badassness of it

A pro-quality action-packed piece.

Very well done and put together, professional quality.
You might call it a sample, but for me it's a really fine piece as it is.

It's as good as you should expect from such a combination of authors.
Great work by some of the most talented artists you'll find around.


very intense song that pushes on and on! real great atmosphere and just stunning!

greetings to M Rage! P.S we did well with youre intro that you made for us!!!!


i swear this song should be the background music for some adventure movie

oy, very nice!

I absolutely love MaestroRage's works, and this is a nice remix of it! DarKsidE555's guitars really give it a nice mixture along with classical. and like Limons said, this would be really cool for a 5 minute song, or a loop.

Haven't really played anything CC wise, besides Castle Crashing the Beard, but this would fit the whole theme of four warriors going up against unstoppable tides of other warriors.

9/10, 5/5, fav'd