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Reviews for "Powerfox V.3"

Nice but short.

Dear Wiesi, what is the name of that metal song in the title screen?

Wiesi responds:

Sorry, I don't know. It's too long ago.. :(

OMG! This is awesome, way better then the 2nd part, I can not wait to check the 4th part out!:)
I liked everything, but I think that the helicopter is too strong, once you get it you have a VERY high chance of beating the enemy, and that ruins the gameplay for me a bit. Anyways, great job! ;)

This game is by far the best in the series, I'll check PF4 just to make sure. It is the most balanced. Power Fox and your enemy have equal defense. HOWEVER, The helicopter breaks the game. Why? Because no one can reach it. it does WAY too much damage. And by the time it appears, you've already gotten your opponent to the percent where it should finish them. Essentially, "Helicopter OP plz nerf."

real awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck man, I played this back on AddictingGames and I've missed it! All these years I've been sitting here wondering, what the hell happened to that game with "Welcome to the Jungle" and the fox? (To think I couldn't even get past the first level back then, oh boy...)