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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"

Good concept

Well, the main thing I enjoyed and I'm sure everyone else did was the interactivity over the bike, as if you could control it.

The game was though reptitive, add stages, and things to upgrade for a much better enjoyable game that will get played for more than 5 minutes a person.

Good visuals, but could of been brought out better.


Graphics (5) - copy-and-paste bears on a field...
Style (5) - I could barely see what was ahead of me. Make the screen a little bit wider.
Sound (10) - Wonderful!! I laughed so hard when the music started... and then the crashing noises sound so horrific it's comical.
Violence (2) - Because, you know... you crash.
Humor (10) - Teddy bears, a bicycle... what isn't there to laugh about?

Overall, a 9. This one is getting bookmarked.

10000 points

and more passing


Nice choice for a background song. Kinda makes the game funny.

It's hard to master (I haven't played V2 yet) with the bears an' all. good job, but I REALLY hope V2 is better.


Bicycle, bicycle, bicyc--sorry, I just like that song. BICYCLE, BICYCLE, BICYCLE!!!