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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"


Nice game lol good music very fun hard to control dont know if its coz im on a laptop

RVWD responds:

hm... i think it's indeed difficult playing this on a laptob:P lol

Overall it's quite a good game concept

if you made it a little easier to controll the bike, I'd be able to give you some true cudo's. As is, not bad. Try to alter your script a little to allow for use of the keypad, or make it a little more controlled through the mouse. Adding the ability to jump your bike over the teddys ould make an amuzing side part for the game. If this makes it past judgement, I'm so adding this to my faves even as is. (I realize you put a whole lot of work into this before submitting, so thank you so much. It's great.)

RVWD responds:

cool:D thnx for the tips:) i'll remeber it for a 2nd part


Funny game. I liked it. The graphics were good and it has humor. Good job

RVWD responds:

alright(H) thnx:)

not to bad...

sure the graphics could have been a bit better and i'm not really sure what the whole point of this game is but i still had fun and you had a good song playing to so for you i give this a 7 keep up the good work

RVWD responds:

ok:) the graphics could ideeed be better, but i optimized it for the slow-connection users

it was ok........

but that sound of the little child laughing and the crash is so annoying.....

RVWD responds:

whaha, why?:D