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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"


WTF. Queen song.....hmmm.
bicycles are old.. should've used a chainsaw and had to cut down little girls......and maybe sexual deeds afterwards.. with proper METAL music in the background... now thats hot !

RVWD responds:

1. don't fuck with queen(H)
2. i'll make special 4 ur ppl a new version, ok?:P

good one

that was a fun game, especially when you go real fast.

RVWD responds:

hahaha, ok:)

that was fun

i got 1469...not that good. it had a nice song i think is by styx. the teddy bears were funny. although i had a few problems, collision detection is a little off. wen im turned as far left or right as i can be and theres a teddy bear there it looks like im passing it but i get hit and knocked down. if you make another, put in a larger course maybe some different kinds of obsticals. over all is was a great game with good graphics.5/5

RVWD responds:

wow, thnx!!


I'm kind of a stickler with games, as most I find to hard or pointless or just..not fun, but I really, REALLY liked this! I kept giggling at the song in the background! If anything, the graphics could be a little improved, but really, everything else was great. =) Keep up the great work!!

RVWD responds:



this is the funnest thing i ever saw on newgrounds

RVWD responds:

alright!!:D thnx:)