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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"

really funny

the first time i tried i just couldn't stop laughing at the song

if you could just improve the stirring a little it would be a classic

that's going in my favorites

RVWD responds:

alriight!:D i'll try to fix:)

I'm down with queen and all.

But I would have definatly liked this better if you used Pink Floyds song "Bike".

"I've got a bike, you can ride it if you like, it has a basket, a bell it rings and things to make it look good. I'd give it to you if I could, but I borrowed it"

RVWD responds:

hehehe, ok:D

wow this game was great.

This game was so good that i gave it a zero!

RVWD responds:

cool, next time, ectualy PLAY it instead of crackin it up


i loved the game, it was preety funny 2, especially with the music, but there was a problem with the steering, and when u turn, your bike goes in the same path, and that was a bit crap!

RVWD responds:

hm.. when u turn in real time, don't u stear that way than?:D if u don't u fall:P


It was really fun...but the steering thing was a bit odd. Even when the player turns, it still goes in the same path, and makes you even more vulnerable to hitting the polar bears. EVEN IF YOUR NOT LOOKING THAT WAY!!!!!!!!
Well good job, and the high score counting is impressive too. Keep up the good work.

RVWD responds:

ok, but the i don't get the upper part -_-