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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"

Very fun

I love the music. Ithink you made a good choice with Queen's "Bicycle Race". When does this game end, though? My goal was to stop playing when the song was over. I love Queen and they are my favorite band of all time. Great job on using Queen music, and I hope you use Queen songs in more of your movies! Great job on the game all together!

RVWD responds:

thnx!:) queen rules(H)

Aesome game. ;)

It was a nice game. Good graphics, good music. The only thing was the steering was a bit akward. Perhaps you could make their be an option to choose whether you want to use the mouse or the arrow keys for steering? ;)

Anyways, great game, and keep up the good work. ;D

RVWD responds:

thnx, and i will!:)


This is just a really really great game. I love the song. I love the concept. Most of all I love the way the bears follow you.
A bit hard to control on a laptop, although.

RVWD responds:

sorry about that, it's time for you to buy a desktop pc 8-) ;) lol

Great song choice...

Kinda reminds me of college since I have to dodge people on the way to class. Great game, I love the animation and especially the song that you chose for this flash.

RVWD responds:

hehe, ok:) i still have to dodge ppl on my school though;)

Great game.

I love the music. Keep it up.

RVWD responds:

i will, thnx;)