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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"

its ok

pretty crappy steering ability but its ok i guess

RVWD responds:

hehe, you guess;) well.. a 7 is always better than a 1;) thnx

good game

and funny song but one problem.

Bears that that look like you'll obviuously miss somehow come in cloer to your bike almost wanting you to fall. And the steering doesn't help. Although I think that's more of a good thing, adds to the challenge and reminds me of StarFox 64 in how you can't turn around no matter how hard you veer left and right.

Overall, good

3.5 /5

RVWD responds:

hm... i don't have that problem... strange :S well... i'll try to figure it out for you

Funny, yet oddly a bit terrifying.

I never ever want to ride in the middle of a valley and have hundreds of teddy bears staring at me. I can already tell what my nightmare tonight is going to be like,

RVWD responds:

whahaha, sorry aout that:$ :D

good but

maybe the bear should not follow when we are making slalom

RVWD responds:

they don't:) in fact... u drive, they don't walk towards you;)

Hehe love the song!

I got 4124 b4 i hit those dam bears lol

Cool game, and you CAN play it on a laptop :P

Benny_Creations 5/5!!!

RVWD responds:

hehehe, cool:D