Reviews for "Morten vs Piranha plant"

grow up dude

mario and dragon ball z dont mix dumb fuck

Ive seen FLCL, thats right.

I noticed you traced some of the action off the first ep. of FLCL (furi Kuri/Fooly cooly) where Kanti is fighting the giant robotic hand. You used the music as well but thats ok. It should have been mentioned in the credits, insted of just hoping that no one would notice.

Allright flash none the less.

Pretty cool frame by frame animation.

You have a lotta potential to be making some pretty cool submissions. Your movie somehow manage to create an environment. I love your use of many camera angles.

Not many submissions on this site do much with perpective. Even though i have'nt seen your other works. I think you should be sticking to making frame by frame animations over sprite animations.

You clearly have the talent for it. Try Drawing some backgrounds and adding color and shading.

You'll create a new level of quality to your work. Keep practing and you'll be kicking ass.

Good Animation....but sloppy

The author did an all right job on the animation....but it is sloppy. If this is the best the author can do, he/she needs a different hobby!