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Reviews for "GIR Soundboard"


I need tacos. I need them or I will explode. I do that sometimes. ^^

Cows r my frends

i anoyed my parents they say im on the internet too muchso i go to this then they hav a speech and i use this too interupt them

omg i love gir

5/5 i wish there was a download so i could put it on my mp3 player. And for all you people saying i miss invader zim you can watch it on nicktoons network or you can buy episodes on youtube. also the series didn't end, theres like new episodes like every once in a while.

Hooray for Earth!

i love using this soundboard for most of the conversations i have with my parents.
i loveded this soundboard.


yeah as i was saying also it's YAY we're doomed not for doomed :P