Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Fuck Off And Smile!"

awsome =]

dude thts swwet keep it up =]

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks :)

two words

u r a...KING

Evil-Dog responds:

I am not :) Just a humble servant!

Two-Thumbs Up

That was a great song.. I'm usually pretty damn picky with my music. I greatly enjoyed this.. the ryhtym guitar was amazing and the drums we're great as well. Plus, the beginning made me laugh ^_^

Evil-Dog responds:

haha nice, thanks for your generous review


This is so epic, keep up the good work.

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks dude :) I love the word "Epic" haha

to the best artist on NG

yes, i said the best. your stuff is some of the rarities that doesn't suck. i like your stuff a lot.

anyway, you got mad skillz on that guitar. punk isn't dead, and i hope you'll keep it that way. cheers.

Evil-Dog responds:

I hope so :)